Online Distribution

Whatever your business size and however complicated your Amazon and e-commerce needs, we are your optimal partner. Our clients range in size from current household names to the household names of tomorrow.

We can sell your products exclusively to Amazon and make life simpler for you. Working with you as an extension of your own team, we will take care of the whole working process on your behalf.

WFL Amazon Solution

Find your brand and products on Amazon with Prime status and additional guaranteed next day delivery. No individual pick and pack required, no lengthy payment terms, no special packaging required – just a hassle-free way to have your products featured on Amazon – a platform with over 300 million users in one easy step.

WFL will bring your brand together on Amazon to represent your business as it should be represented – consistent and professional, with standout content and the eye-catching availability of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Vendor Central is a platform for manufacturers, brand owners and main distributors to sell products directly to Amazon in bulk. Registration on Vendor Central is strictly by invitation only. Selling through “Vendor Central” means that sold by Amazon will appear next to your listing.


What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about us:

WFL do a great job for us managing our logistics and back office. Knowing each week that whatever I’ve sold will be advanced to me is a great help in my planning and has really supported our growth.

Raylex Brands

WFL have been with us since this beginning, allowing us to focus on building the brand & growing the business. A flexible and adaptable team that are an integral part of our business.

Candy Can

Having WFL are an excellent Back office, Finance and Operations team and feel like part of the family. We love how they are flexible for us, and tailor their services to our requirements, to help us grow.

Roc Co Brands